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Since 1989, we have worked in, and pioneered, a variety of domains which we believed to be critical for furthering human progress:

  • public-private partnerships
  • roles of markets, state and civil society
  • enterprise development
  • strategic management in the non-profit sector
  • social development & inclusion
  • development cooperation
  • human rights, sustainable business practices, corporate environmental strategies
  • socially-responsible business strategies
  • corporate social responsibility education
  • UN policies and social development
  • reform of the welfare state
  • business school education
  • business ethics
  • UN policies and the urban agenda
  • corporate sustainability strategies
  • multi-stakeholder dialogues
  • corporate community involvement
  • business and municipality cooperation
  • local government innovation
  • authentic leadership
  • regional development
  • partnerships for social cohesion
  • social enterprise and financial innovation
  • civic engagement
  • globalization and responsible enterprise
  • culture, creativity and enterprise
  • micro-finance and small business finance
  • policy-making and the role of think-tanks
  • leadership development
  • business and global stability
  • UN Reform
  • IT and development
  • e-government
  • youth and sustainable consumption
  • responsible investment
  • Europe’s economic modernization
  • new economy enterprise
  • ethical globalization
  • SMEs and corporate citizenship
  • social investment & venture philanthropy
  • Europe's enterprise strategy
  • private equity for development
  • global interdependence

From left to right: Paul Gilding, Ecos Corporation, Australia, with whom we organized a dialogue on "greening the Olympics" in New York at the UN for the UNGASS meeting in 1997; Mikkail Gorbatchev, founding chairman of State of the World Forum in San Francisco, with whom we partnered in 1998-2002; Federico Mayor, former Director General of UNESCO, our host and partner at the 1st UNESCO World Business Forum, which we organized in 1998 in Stockholm; Mary O'Rourke, who served as the Irish Minister for Public Enterprise in 1999 and one of the hosts of the Millennium Enterprise Summit we organized in Dublin and Belfast; Ben Zander, Conductor of the Boston Philarmonic Orchestra, one of the keynote contributors, and Tony Blair, who kindly addressed us by videolink at the same event.