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"Channelling entrepreneurial energy towards human progress".

We do so by operating in the roles of:

  • think/do tank
  • strategic connector and deal-maker
  • venture catalyst

within and across the private, public and civil society sectors *.

We offer a unique experience gained from 200 initiatives in 33 countries ** during our first 21 years delivering:

  • Agenda-setting Events: global conferences, fora and other events.
  • Business + Civic Projects: networks, alliances and ventures that integrate the aspirations of progressive entrepreneurs with those of society.
  • Learning Activities: leadership & enterprise development programmes,thought-leadership pieces.

* "Progressio" is the Latin genitive of "progressus", i.e. progress. To us, pursuing progress is one of the fundamental purposes of humankind.  "Progressive" actions lead to progress.  Our use of "progressive" originated in 1987, prior to creating the foundation.  It eschews political ideologies and it equates with far-sightedness, transformation, modernization, change and purposeful adaptation.  The Progressio logo showing 3 circles represents the 3 sectors: private (market), public (state) and non-profit (civil society); it was conceived in 1988.

** The 33 countries where we have operated to date are as follows: Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy, USA, Canada, Brazil, India, China, Kenya, Ecuador, Belgium, France, Israel, Poland, Denmark, Sweden, Mauritius, Finland, Turkey, Spain, Portugal, Hungary, Botswana, South Africa, Jordan, Afghanistan, Argentina, Uruguay, South Korea.