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AL GORE'S BRUSSELS VISIT AND FILM PREMIERE.  Organized on October 6th at the invitation of Al Gore's office, in partnership with The Lisbon Council and Tällberg Foundation, it drew some 250 leaders from the Brussels' community of civil servants, NGO and business leaders.  EU Commissioners Kroes and Dimas were in attendance. The Belgian Prime Minister immediately spoke in the House of Parliament about the urgency of Al Gore's "An Inconvenient Truth" and requested serious discussions and action by his government and all political parties.  The International Herald Tribune of October 17th, 2006, reports Prime Minister Verhofstadt's budget speech in which he stated: "If we don't reduce our CO2 emissions, the consequences will be dramatic in the short term".

EMERGING LEADERS PROGRAMME, TÄLLBERG, SWEDEN.  Organized with the Tällberg Foundation for an individually selected group of 40 rising stars from new businesses, established multinationals, civil society organizations, philanthropy and government, it pioneered a new kind of learning journey, a hybrid between an innovation lab, a mentoring process, a retreat and community-building.  With the special participation of Charles and Liz Handy.  Led by Tom Cummings, Sean Germond, Colin Jones and Ingrid Williams.


TÄLLBERG FORUM 2006, SWEDEN.  On the footprints of the 2005 event and due to the request of many, 2006 saw another unique forum attended by an eclectic mix of some 650 invited leaders from 40 countries.  Featuring a new format shaped around ten "Design Workshops", each focusing on a distinct geographical location from Guandong to Lima, from London to the High North, the forum delivered many concrete solutions and partnerships to address critical economic, social and sustainability issues.   




Projects 2005

LEADERSHIP FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT CONFERENCE, BEIJING.  Organized by the Encounter of World Views Foundation, the Honor Power Foundation, the Chinese Society for Future Studies with advice, leads and conceptual contribution from Progressio Foundation, the gathering of 200 leaders from China and Europe led to the creation of the China-EU Council on sustainable development.

TÄLLBERG FORUM 2005, SWEDEN.  For the 25th anniversary of the Tällberg Workshops, 650 leaders, thinkers, foundation heads, change-agents and decision-makers with some family members congregated onto the idyllic setting of Tällberg, 2005 was an overwhelming and life-changing experience, in the words of many.  Attended by illustrious participants, from their Majesties the King and Queen of Sweden to Prince Hassan of Jordan, from Mary Robinson to Marel Belka, from the President of Georgia to Hans Blix, from Robert Cooper to Christine Loh, from Antony Burgmans of Unilever to Hans-Olav Olsson of VOLVO, from Charles Handy to Russell Ackoff, from Manuel Castells to John Kao, from Amory Lovins to Peter Senge, the combination of intellectual, leadership and artistic firepower focused on the key question "How on earth can we live together ?".  See Participants' Visions here.  Several initiatives and projects have been initiated to tackle the challenges we face in an increasingly interdependent, connected and complex world.  Three separate books are being written on the Forum's deliberations.  Progressio has been a partner of the Tällberg Foundation and its principal sponsor, nextwork, and Marcello Palazzi a board member of the Foundation from 2006.