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"This (Progressio's first publication) is an excellent piece of work. I just wanted to tell you how good I thought it was, most interesting, thought-provoking and useful".
Charles Handy, Author, UK


"Fantastic Conference ! You are to be wholeheartedly congratulated for a wonderful three days and inspiring beginning to SVN Europe. Thank you for the long hours of hard work, response to ridicolous demands and overall patience. SVN Europe is in good hands with you at the helm. A job well done!"
David Pollock, CEO, Hyster-Yale Europe, UK


"I want to congratulate you for the start of the New Academy of Business. I think you have done a tremendous job to put it all together and get it off the ground".
Sven Atterhed, The Foresight Group, Sweden

"Thank you ever so much for all the work you have done for the New Academy".
Anita Roddick, CEO, The Body Shop International, UK


"Progressio did an excellent job in organizing the World Business Forum".
Jorge Wilheim, Deputy Secretary-General, UN Habitat II Conference, Istanbul

The Plenary at Istanbul

"We have never attended a better business conference anywhere. The mix of business and business interests, the panels and the conferees were all superior".
Shina Turner, Managing Partners, Turner Dehoney Associates, USA


"Without our partnership with Progressio Foundation, the Bremen process would have been very different".
Rita Kellner-Stoll, Ministry for Women, Health, Youth, Social Affairs & Environment, Bremen, Germany

"For me it was a great experience to work with you and I think I learnt a little from your professionalism. Thanks for being with us and for your worthwhile contributions. I think that your piece of the success of this conference is a very big one".
Andreas Lieberum, Managing Partner, ECONTUR, Bremen, Germany

"Thank you for your intellectual, organisational and inspirational support. Without Progressio¹s input "A Partnership for Social Cohesion" could not have occurred".
Peter Duus, Head of Section, Danish Ministry of Social Affairs, Copenhagen


"Thanks to Progressio for the wonderful experience provided to us AIESECers at the 1st Unesco Business Forum. It has been an endless source of inspiration for me and I am now contemplating a multitude of ways of putting into practice what I learnt".
Johannah Christensen, Director, AIESEC Denmark

"Let me congratulate Progressio for the tremendous work put into the Unesco Business Forum. I enjoyed it, I enjoyed its intellectual excitement, its networking opportunities".
Miklós Marschall, Executive Director, CIVICUS, Washington

"The Business Forum made a very significant contribution to meeting the goal of open interaction and exchange between governmental and non-governmental participants that we had set ourselves for the Conference. I am very pleased that the event you organized marked the first such collaboration between UNESCO and the business sector, and was happy to address the Business Forum myself".
Federico Mayor, Director-General, UNESCO, Paris

"Progressio's record is an astounding list of pioneering activities".
Charles Handy, Author, UK


"Thank you for organizing a superior business and civic summit in Belfast".
Jim Garrison, President, State of the World Forum, San Francisco

"The Millennium Enterprise Summit was the best business conference I have ever attended: extraordinary people, highly-effective learning, a real new agenda, great socializing".
Neil Smith, Founder and CEO, Smith O' Brien, Boston

"The Enterprising Europe Summit and book were the result of your amazing networking, persistence and vision.  We are delighted to have worked with you".
Will Hutton, CEO, The Work Foundation, London

"Working with you to organize the Andromeda Summit was the best part".
Stephen Brenninkmeyer , CEO, Andromeda Fund, Amsterdam  & Zürich

"Your agenda, your focus and your objectives are exactly what's needed at this time".
Juan Somavia, Director General, ILO, Geneva

"My head is still spinning after the Tällberg Forum.  WHAT a conference ! 
I told the Davos team that Tällberg set a very high standard on how to deal with the mega-questions today ".
Felicitas von Peter, Programme Director, Bertelsmann Foundation

"Paul just said that you should be a foreign minister because of your excellent diplomatic skills !  I agree.  Well done.  It has been wonderful to work with you in organizing Al Gore's visit to Brussels
Ann Mettler, CEO, The Lisbon Council, Brussels

"I want to thank you for involving me in the Canaries' Programme.  I thought it was a truly great initiative and will keep the Forum regenerating into the future.  I do congratulate you on collecting such an intriguing group of people
Charles and Liz Handy, London

"Since you got involved with the design and organization of the Club of Rome Global Assembly in October,
all has been going smoothly and successfully. Thank you.  You are the best networker on the planet".
Wouter van Dieren, IMSA and The Club of Rome, Amsterdam